Through using the water as supplied by Aquaid in our water cooler for every bottle of water bought a donation has been made on our behalf to The Africa Trust – so it’s well worth paying a little more for your water to allow this to happen.

The funds collected are used to directly build fresh drinking water wells in areas in Africa where it is needed the most, like in schools and villages.

We were fortunate enough to be selected as part of Aquaid’s ongoing commitment via its customers to aid their project which involves installing “Elephant” Pumps throughout Africa.

By carrying the Aquaid badge and helping promote the awareness of what is being done, more customers buy through Aquaid and therefore Aquaid can do more – presently about £8million has gone from them to help. This has been raised by all their customers continuity in buying through them.

We also had the honour of having our name inscribed on the pump and a certificate and letter of thanks from the villagers / pupils.

By selective buying and thus donating a very little over a long period a lot can be done to help those much less fortunate than ourselves